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Handprinted at SUG DATUA GIRL
with water based ink.
Front print

7.1oz Hi Quality,100% cotton

Original woven label at neck.

chest・・・・・・ 43・47・52・55・58

4.1oz, 50% cotton・50% polyester

SIZE CHART (cm)・"one-size"
chest・・・・・・ 56

It takes 10 to 14 days for shipping.

Please understand that it may occur a delay of delivery term mentioned on the website because of the artist exhibition or work schedule.

Since our T-shirts are different from manufactured print, the finish would be deferent each with splashing or blur spots as the hand-printed taste.
Please be sure that you may understand the hand-printed taste before you make an order.



HIMOSODA製品は全て工房「SUG DATUA GIRL」にてデザイン、製版、プリントの工程が行われています。工場製品と違い、インクが飛んでいたり色ムラがあったり色がかすれて薄くなっている等仕上がりの風合いは1枚1枚異なる場合がございます。量産品には無い少量生産のハンドプリント製品ならではの特性をあらかじめご理解頂いた上で御注文下さいますようお願いいたします。

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